At Edward Condon Medical PC we provide Excellence in Endocrine Consultation to Physicians, Medical Professionals and Patients in a friendly, respectful and caring environment. Edward Condon Medical maintains three locations for patient convenience in Nassau and Suffolk. Dr. Condon is affiliated with NSLIJ Hospital.

To enable each patient to fully participate in achieving treatment goals, ongoing patient education services including individual and/or group Diabetes education provided by our outstanding support staff consisting of Edward M. Condon, M.D., F.A.C.E., E.C.N.U., Joyce Adedugbe, A.N.P., Virginia Nicholes, A.N.P., Monica Silva, A.N.P., Janine D'Amico, A.N.P., Lauren Dolce, A.N.P., and Lani Wenitraub, N.P.

The large patient population we serve consists of individuals with diabetes and endocrine disorders such as thyroid conditions, pituitary disorders, pre-diabetes (a leading metabolic weight disorder), Type I and Type II Diabetes, Adrenal Disease, Pancreatic disorders as well as disorders of all endocrine glands. Our facility equipped with up to date equipment for the treatment of thyroid nodules, completion of thyroid sonograms, thyroid biopsies. We operate an award winning clinical laboratory which is CLIA certified. Our staff specialist’s treat the problems and complication’s that can arise from these endocrine conditions including hypertension, lipid disorders, eye disease, neuropathy (nerve damage), retinal disease and nephropathy (kidney disease).

Edward Condon Medical, P.C. is the first and only Endocrine practice to be accredited by American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM) in all of Long Island, New York. We share this distinguished approval with New York University Medical Center Practice in Manhattan.

As Founder of the National Endocrine and Diabetes Association, (NEDA), we are also able to offer our patients with diabetes the possibility to participate in research projects. These clinical trials are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.