Template TextMetabolic testing results were provided to patient today. Overall reduction in daily calorie intake was discussed with specific strategies to reduce intake and increase calorie burning were encouraged. 

METABOLIC TESTING FOR WT MANAGEMENT: DR CONDON HAS PUBLISHED DATA IN THE ABSTRACTS OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF ENDOCRINOLOGYWHICH INDICATES THAT DIABETICS AND PREDIABETICS BURN CALORIESMORE SLOWLY THAN PEOPLEWITHOUT DIABETIC GENETICS. THIS TEST IS USED TO ADJUST YOUR DIET AND MEDICATION TO HELP YOUWITH YOUR DIET AND EXERCISE. THIS WAS PUBLISHED AND DISCUSSED AT THE 2011 AACE MEETINGS BY DR. CONDON: Abstract #289 CALORIC UTILIZATION PREDICTS HYPERINSULINEMIA AND IMPAIRED GLUCOSE TOLERANCE Edward Michael Condon,MD, ECNU, Gary Comparetto BA, Gregory Comparetto,MS ABSTRACTS – Diabetes Mellitus Objective: Observe that Caloric utilization is less in patients with impaired glucose tolerance and related to hyperinsulinemia. Methods: 170 overweight patients were examined for resting energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry (Korr Reevue). Expected caloric requirements were calculated by a modified Harris Benedict method and compared to the measured calorimetric results. All patients were studied using a 75 gram glucose tolerance test measuring c-peptide on the second hour. 148 patients were observed to require 500 calories less than calculated to maintain weight. Twenty two patients
were observed to require the calculated calories to maintain weight. Results: 85 percent of the low calorie utilizers had abnormal glucose tolerance tests by ADA criteria and had impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes, and all had elevated c-peptides. Twenty two patients with expected caloric intake matching actual had normal glucose tolerance tests and normal c-peptides. 


Caloric utilization may be restricted or conserved in hyperinsulinemic states. Caloric utilization may predict impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes. Study may reveal that correction of hyperinsulinemia will correct caloric utilization and promote weight loss. Measurement of caloric utilization may predict diabetes.