If hyperthyroidism is left untreated it may cause the following, but not limited to the following : Cause cardiac arrhythmias which could lead to heart damage or death. Lead to a state of overactive thyroid and fever (thyroid storm) which could cause severe injury or death. The fever could result from a failure to follow instructions, the development of other problems like concomitant infection or any cause of fever. Instructions during the time you are overactive thyroid would be including but not limited to, if fever develops report to the nearest emergency room quickly and call your Endocrinologist immediately.

Hyperthyroidism left untreated can by itself lead to multiple problems including but not limited to possibly fatal irregular heart rhythms, permanent heart valvular damage, nerve conditions like tremor, muscle weakness which could lead to damage and or injury.

You may be given a beta blocker to help to mitigate the effect of the “adrenaline-like effect” of your overactive thyroid state. This drug should not be stopped suddenly as the sudden stoppage could result in sudden death. If you wish to stop you should schedule an appointment and discuss this with me. If for
some emergency reason you have to stop and are not close by, you should alternate the dose for one to two weeks and then stop.

Patients who are prescribed treatment with Radioactive Iodine: The Iodine will be absorbed from your blood stream by your thyroid and any excess will be excreted in your urine. The nuclear medicine facility to which you have been referred will give explicit instructions for the safety of those around you. Please follow those instructions carefully.

Hyperthyroidism would, if the patient survived, eventually become normal and even further down the road go under active in the natural history of the disorder. This is because the patient's immune system has developed an antibody which will inevitably damage and destroy the thyroid gland. Likewise the treatmentmay damage the gland and cause it to function normally or cause it to cease to function.  Doses are calculated to give approximately a 60% chance of the thyroid becoming normal without medication or thyroid replacement and there is approximately a 35% chance you will become permanently underactive in the near future. If this occurs you will be given a pill daily to replace your need for thyroid hormone. Failure to take this replacement could lead to severe effects including but not limited to loss of mental ability, loss of strength and motor coordination and even in severe cases death.

Prevention of all of these potential severe effects can be avoided by fastidiously keeping your follow up observation appointments so that any change in your thyroid function can promptly be corrected. Failure to follow appointment could lead to the above damage.

Dr. Condon has explains all the above to patients and gives adequate time to ask questions and receive adequate answers to those questions.

Patients may receive a prescription for treatment and will b required to keep appointments for therapy and subsequent follow up appointments with Dr. Condon. Failure to follow up properly could result in damage as described above.